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20 nuits et un jour de pluie (2006)



AKA 20 nights and a rainy day

Summaries: She was fleeing the West, and he the East. She was European, light-skinned, on her way back from Java, at the edge of the world. Once North-Vietnamese, now a proud Frenchman, he had an apartment in the center of Paris. This film tells the story of their embrace, 20 nights under the Parisian sky, in the shadow of Notre Dame. During these 20 nights they find refuge in each other’s bodies.

This is the final installment of a trilogy by vietnamese-french director. So here is a link to an excellent review in french.

Synopsis: She’s from here and returns from over there for a short period.
He’s from over there and has been living here for quite some time. With passing time, the bonds linking them to their respective homelands have grown weak. For her, France is tied up with her father, whom she’s never been able to forgive.
For him, Vietnam is a country with which he’s never been able to come to terms.
By introducing him to the intoxicating world of her Asia, the woman from here believes she’s awakening the buried part of Asia slumbering in the man from over there. But she comes up against a block of resistance, of pride like the linga on the volcano’s stone voni over there.
20 nights that are set alight by Midsummer Night’s bonfires and die out with the July 14 fireworks. A story of passion, of entwined bodies – a two-way dance between man and woman.

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