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3 slags kærlighed [1970] Mac Ahlberg

  • Orjinal İsim: 3 slags kærlighed
  • Yapım yılı:
  • IMDB Puanı: /10
  • Yönetmen:
  • Filmin Türü: Erotic Retro Vintage
  • Filmin Dili:
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AKA The Daughter: I, a Woman Part III

In the pantheon of 70’s Swedish “glamor” actresses (i.e. sexy girls who take their clothes off a lot), Inger Sundh occupies a place somewhere below more famous actresses like Christina Lindberg (“Thriller-a Cruel Picture”), Marie Lilljedahl (“Inga”), and Essy Persson (star of the original “I, a Woman”). She was also, of course, a lot less well known than a lot of the Swedish actresses that worked mainly in Italy, the UK, or Hollywood (i.e. Britt Ekland, Anita Ekberg, Anita Strindberg, Ewe Aulin). She is probably most famous for playing the malicious blonde minx “Greta” in “Inga and Greta”, Joe Sarno’s follow-up to his seminal erotic film “Inga”. Sundh in this movie doesn’t get to play “Siv”, the principal heroine in the “I, a Woman” movies, but rather “Siv’s” daughter “Birthe” (who really must have grown up fast considering she wasn’t even born yet in the first two “I, Woman” films!)

“Birthe” comes home from her Swiss boarding school to find her mother “Siv” (Gunbrit Ohrstrom) in bed with a lover. As is typical in movies like this, this sends her into a spiral of drugs and promiscuous sex. She goes to a discotheque where after A LOT of dancing a very pathetic motorcycle gang comes in and beats up all the hippie patrons for no apparent reason(but it stops the dancing so I’m not complaining). She then goes to a hippie crash pad where there’s a lot of drugs and sex, and she flips out after a man tries to force himself on her. She ends up with an African-American med student who works with her mother and the latter’s go-go dancing sister (both the characters and the actors were transplanted African-Americans since the only other black people in Sweden at that time were no doubt all Jimi Hendrix’s illegitimate love children and too young to be in this). You’d expect this would eventually lead to a lot of interracial sex, right? Well, actually it leads mostly to a lot of interracial LESBIAN sex.

Gunbrit Ohrstrom and Inger Sund are too close to the same age to be very believable as mother and daughter. Ohrstrom seems to have gotten the “mother” role less because she really looks that much older than because she was the less attractive of the pair. She’s definitely the least compelling actress to play the “Siv” role. Inger Sundh is better, but this frosty blonde was much better playing a malicious vixen in “Inga and Greta” than trying to play an innocent virgin. (And her lesbian scene in that movie with Marie Lilljedahl was much hotter–but then it wasn’t an INTERRACIAL lesbian scene like the one here). Director Mac Alberg, who was principally a cinematographer, really hit his directorial peak with his first movie, the original “I, a Woman”, but then declined steadily from there, eventually shooting hardcore porn in Sweden before going back to cinematography and finding some success in Hollywood. I wouldn’t personally recommend this, but if you enjoy hot interracial lesbian action and naked, blonde Swedish girls, I’m sure wild horses won’t keep you away. . .

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