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Alvin Rides Again (1974)

  • Orjinal İsim: Alvin Rides Again
  • Yapım yılı:
  • IMDB Puanı: /10
  • Yönetmen:
  • Filmin Türü: Erotic Retro Vintage
  • Filmin Dili:
  • Oyuncular:
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In this sequel to the sex comedy romp Alvin Purple, Graham Blundell reprises his role as a man irresistibly attractive to women.
His peculiar charm disrupts his search for a steady job, but when his friend Spike (Alan Finney) helps a team of women cricketers win their match, the pair score with the bookie, and head off to the casino to improve their winnings.
That’s when the pair get entangled with flamboyant mobsters, and Alvin is persuaded to impersonate an American gangster, Balls McGee, who turns up in Australia looking for deals, but gets himself killed.
Coincidentally, Alvin looks just like Balls but now he has to cope with persistent women (Joy Thompson, Kris McQuade and Arna Maria Winchester for starters) and mobsters, including the irrepressible Frank Thring as Fingers and Noel Ferrier as The Hatchet …
When the sweet Boobs La Touche (Chantal Contouri) hovers into view, it looks as if things might end well, but not before a chase or two, involving hearses with machine guns and rockets, Melbourne trams and, in a change of location, a Sydney ferry.


Alvin Purple is unable to hold down a job because of his appeal to women. He and his friend Spike help a team of women cricketers win a match by playing in drag, and decide to spend their share of the prize money in a casino. Alvin discovers he is identical in appearance to gangster Balls McGee. When Balls is killed, Alvin is forced to take his place.

Stars – Graeme Blundell, Alan Finney, Chantal Contouri, Gus Mercurio, Jeff Ashby, Noel Ferrier, Frank Wilson, Abigail, Ross Bova, Jon Finlayson, Briony Behets, Kris McQuade, Arna Maria Winchester
Frank Thring, Candy Raymond, Penne Hackforth-Jones.

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