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An Act of Confession (1972)

  • Orjinal İsim: An Act of Confession
  • Yapım yılı:
  • IMDB Puanı: /10
  • Yönetmen:
  • Filmin Türü: Erotic Retro Vintage
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The reproduction on this is horrible and the sex is only marginal but it has the advantage of being of historical interest. Various writers have stated that it would never be released to tape and others (~Playboy| in August 1973) stated that it would never be released theatrically because of the subject matter but they were all obviously wrong, at least to some extent, because I saw this in early 1997. The big problem is that the story mixes religion and sex, even having a character named Christ (Rocco Manuel) who walks on water (not badly done) and, although not in my print, is blown by a nun. The missing BJ at the end probably accounts for the difference between my 57 minute running time and the alleged 68 minutes of the original.
Kim (passable face, lithe body with tan lines, medium tits) is a novice nun in the middle ages who, while grubbing plants in a field, tells us in voice-over about her sexual fantasies, even as she’s trying to be a good girl. She shares a cell with Cindee and one night imagines joining Cindee for her prayers after which they both fall on the bed for a long g/g, which as g/g’s go is not too bad having a long sequence of open-mouthed kissing and some naive passion. One problem is that during this and all other sex scenes the girls keep on their headdresses so their hair is always covered and the trains often interfere with the view of the action.
Next day she dreams she and Cindee take communion from a priest and a friar acting as altar boy, but instead of getting a host they give the priest and the friar BJ’s holding a plate underneath so that the surplus sperm is carefully collected and returned to the altar. These are two separate BJ’s with Cindee and the priest first (quite good) after which the friar wipes her face with a towel and she watches while Kim gives him his turn ending in an in-mouth cum shot which she allows to dribble out onto the plate.
Kim decides to confess and gives the priest (same guy–Keith, credited as Rick Powell) a blow by blow description during which he jerks off and fantasizes (we see) Kim lying prone, nude, with her hands in the prayer position and her eyes shut while the priest screws her and cums on her belly. Apart from a slight editing error she doesn’t move during the entire performance.
Back in the confessional the priest gives Kim a penance of saying the Lord’s prayer 742 times (good trivia question) but in voice over she says it didn’t help. She now dreams of a group sex scene which has Cindee giving the priest a BJ again while Kim is shared by the two friars with no DP nor anal and only one penetrates her.
This still hasn’t turned her off sex so she now dreams of being tied to a cross–I suppose nails were out of the question–complete with INRI inscription while serially the two friars share her. Again she doesn’t seem to move a muscle during this other than an editing error at about the second cum shot.
Back with her grubbing in the field and we watch the Christ walking on water scene and see a lot of flashbacks to the earlier events in the movie. Supposedly she’s now at peace and can truly participate in being “a bride of Christ”.
The producer and director are credited as above but one reviewer says that Sybil Kidd is really Anthony Spinelli and another says the producer/director (without specifying which) is Jack Armstrong. The friar credited as Noel Hemphill is really Franklin Anthony.

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