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Boots McCoy – Teenage Surfer Girls (1976)




Pornographers mainly wanted to remain nameless (for obvious reasons) -the exceptions ranging from Gerard Damiano to Larry Flynt were blessed with outsized egos. “Boots McCoy” showed promise with this satisfying film and the adventurous (though less impressive) BLAZING ZIPPERS, but like so many others, there’s no way to tell if he was actually some moonlighting TV MOW director.

Certainly the technical skill is there (intermittently), as SURFER GIRLS at times plays like an almost-real movie. It’s about two young beauties (wonderful starlets Melba Bruce and Justina Lynn) who don’t surf but hang out with surfers, seeking sex (and finding it). Stock footage of surfing is unthrilling but a cheapo & necessary element of the production.

Lynn dreams of “the perfect f*ck”, presented by having Valerie Franklin (a good choice) in her place in mixed combo action, scored eerily with musique concrete sounds. This cues the girls to have some lesbian action in their bedroom.

Lynn next humps Joey Silvera in his van, while noting that his claims of being a surfer seem exaggerated -he just works in a surf equipment shop. Caught oiling her nipples while lolling on the beach, Melba humps Tyler Reynolds, his signature mutton chops-sideburns looking mighty silly here. Even sillier is his penchant for foisting bad John Wayne impressions on Melba (and the viewer).

Film’s major set piece is a party scene featuring many stragglers from the hippie era, rapping and generally providing a nostalgic backdrop. My favorite porn starlet Joan Devlon literally steals the picture when she glamorously enters the frame, immediately stealing Silvera away from Lynn, and in her brief turn overshadowing the two heroines. She gives Joey a classic hand-job, oiling his cock and then her breasts -amazing, concentrated porn footage.

Finale has Tyler servicing both heroines in a moodily lit nighttime threesome, which unfortunately suffers immensely from the currently poor DVD transfer (from VHS source) of the GVC (Gourmet) release. This film deserves a first-class video revival.

Devlon, Lynn and Franklin memorably co-starred in MELANIE’S HOT LINE, and Melba & Devlon were featured together in the classics NIGHT PLEASURES and ALL NIGHT LONG, highly recommended, though obscure, titles.

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