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Camino solitario (1984)


Private detective Alfredo Pereira is hired by eccentric couple Raden and Eve to find their missing sister, Adriana. Despite his limitations, Pereira soon finds the woman, but foreplay between characters complicates things.

One of the better Al Pereira mysteries, Camino Solitario is closer to The Long Goodbye than The Maltese Falcon, featuring a shaggy, 5-o’clock shadow-ed, baggy-shirted Antonio Mayans taking up the mantle of the bumbling detective. Unlike Franco’s silly, starring take on the character, Mayans’ Pereira is a single father working a dead-end job in the south of Spain, cursed with a smart mouth and a soft body that bruises easily.

Not a great deal of visual panache, but it always looks nice – the sunny city streets and palm trees help – and a light jazzy score, coupled with long sequences set to bird noises and howling wind lend an eerie, serious tone to the back half of the film.

Lina does double duty as good sister Eva and bad sister Adriana…or is it the other way around? and Franco has cameo as a guy named Dr. Mario.

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