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Candido Erotico [1978] Claudio Giorgi


On the surface Candido Erotico is just a little slice of Euro sexploitation where a sex club performer falls for a young art student. However, scratch beneath the veneer and there is a decent, touching and somewhat tragic love story…


Carlo works in a Copenhagen porn theatre, not hesitating to part-time to be a “call-man”. Once in the house of his clients, he meets a young girl Charlotte, daughter of the owners , unsuspecting of sexual amusements of their parents. Between young people a sense of momentary flashes… Carlo, for whom sex has become a profession in love for the first time in his life, Charlotte has opened a whole new world. It seemed – live so happy, but then Carlo horrified to discover that out of the scene outside their work, if not for money, but for himself – that he is powerless. And no love, no reciprocal feeling can help him feel like a man…

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