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Catherine Chérie (1982) Jaime Jesús Balcázar


Catherine Cherie is a pop star who lives with Carlo, her protege, and her maid in his seaside villa. Ian is a photographer whose goal is to catch Catherine in provocative situations. After Carlo leaves for Rome and leaves Catherine alone Ian has his chance. After he sabotages her boat and saves her life they fall in love with each other. Carlo though finds out about her new relationship and his business partner and his lover (Ajita Wilson) believe she now poses a threat to their drug smuggling operation. Beautiful Berta Cabré starred in just 14 films and one television appearance between the years of 1980 and 1988 and then disappeared from acting. Her stunning and exotic looks made her one of the most beautiful actresses of the 80s. Co-star Ajita Wilson was actually a transsexual, born George Wilson in New York City. Wilson started out as a transvestite entertainer in the red light district of Manhattan and had a sex change in the mid 1970s.

Fans of the soft-core film fare on the Showtime Network in the mid-1980s frequently referred to the cable service as “Underpants Theatre.” The Showtime folks were so certain of their core audience that they seldom issued synopses of their films. From what can be gathered, the German CATHERINE CHERIE is all about a beautiful young woman (Berta Cabre) who hops from one bed to another. Well, she doesn’t just hop. The Showtime listings informed viewers that CATHERINE CHERIE wasn’t rated, but contained “sexual situations.”

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