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Christa AKA Swedish Fly Girls (1971) Jack O’Connell


Despite the “Swedish” in the retitling for the American market, this film is set entirely in Denmark. Birte Tove, one of Denmark’s two “first ladies” of mainstream erotic cinema of the 1970s, stars in her first feature as Christa, a miniskirted air hostess who takes men she meets on flights to bed in her Copenhagen apartment (shared with other girls) in a search for Mr Right. The story is filled out by her having split with her husband and father of her child, who isn’t too happy about it. We get to see Christa, a petite pretty blonde, in various stages of undress, including nude on the beach (but pubic areas are discretely hidden). Apart from Copenhagen we get to see a bit of the countryside with a fast sports car and Denmark’s tourist attractions of the Himmelbjerg “mountain”, the white Møns Klint cliffs plus of course a porn shop. It is all fairly tame but presents the zeitgeist of the time quite well…

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