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Concept 2 (1991)



“… Carole Tredille was elected “Miss Savoie [French state,neighboring Italy] 1984”. In 1985 she was the runner up to the then “Miss France” Isabelle Chaudieu; Isabelle Chaudieu was stripped of her title because she posed nude for the French magazine “Lui” and C.T. was now the legal Miss France 1985.

In 1991 C.T. made headlines when she accepted to do an adult film.It is said that she got that offer during a fashion show,where she worked as a model. Her partner agreed to that; she adopted the scene-name “Tenessy”; she made many adult films with the French director Michel Ricaud. [Her first film was “Miss France to visit” aka “Viola Noblesse 2”]

In May 1992 she was elected “Best French (porn-)actress” for her film “Les putes de l’autoroute/ highway whores” at the “Hot d’Or” adult film festival in Cannes/France [best European actress in that event was Zara Whites, best American actress Ashlyn Gere, best Euro director Michel Ricaud,best American director John Leslie, best male Euro actor Christophe Clark… sources: fr-wiki -> “Hot D’Or” , “Hot Video”]

In December of 1992 the SM-film “La star dechue/the fallen star” put an end to her career… [at least this is what the author of this French Wikipedia article claims – but this seems to be not yet verified]

The producers [and probably actors: Patrice Cabanel and Michel Ricaud] said:this film was aimed at the Dutch market,where the SM-legislation was not that strict as it was in France at the time. But as the film was produced and shot in France, the French LEA jumped on it… both Ricaud and Tredille were questionned by the police,Ricaud’s house was searched and the film was confiscated; Carole Tredille had to pay a fine of 10000 fr (1000$ ?) for shooting the scenes in an abandoned French house on an afternoon [?]. There were no further legal consequences for C.T. “

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