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Contes immoraux AKA Immoral Tales (1974) – Walerian Borowczyk








In this visually stunning drama, the many faces of extreme eroticism are explored. In four episodes, beginning in the present, dreamy glimpses into the minds of unknown and famous erotic villains are screened without ever becoming pornographic. In the first episode, a girl accedes to her cousin’s wish for ritualized oral sex. In the second, a very religious young woman has an erotic awakening which she cannot separate from her religion. In the third, the notorious Countess Bathory murders young girls in order to gain eternal youth by bathing in their blood; in the final episode, the daughter of the Pope, Lucrezia Borgia, has elaborate quasi-liturgical sex with male relatives.

Four erotic tales from in various historical eras. The first, ‘The Tide’, is set in the present day, and concerns a student and his young female cousin stranded on the beach by the tide, secluded from prying eyes. ‘Therese Philosophe’ is set in the nineteenth century, and concerns a girl being locked in her bedroom, where she contemplates the erotic potential of the objects contained within it. ‘Erzsebet Bathory’ is a portrait of the sixteenth-century countess who allegedly bathed in the blood of virgins, while ‘Lucrezia Borgia’ concerns an incestuous fifteenth-century orgy involving Lucrezia, her brother, and her father the Pope.

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  1. İsim

    7 months önce

    qual o real nome das jovens atrizes que aparecem na parte da condessa bathory ?. procurei no google e não achei.

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