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Der Teufel kam aus Akasava (1971) Jesus Franco


AKA The Devil Came from Akasava

The prolific Spanish director, Jess Franco, has worked in many different genres and nearly as many different countries. In this German-made film, Franco turns his hand to the Edgar Wallace-style crime and espionage field that was hugely popular in Germany in the 1960s. It’s also notable as the last Franco film completed by the entrancing Soledad Miranda (billed as Susann Korda) before her untimely death in a car wreck.

In the jungle nation of Akasava, geologist Professor Forrester has vanished, his assistant has been killed, and a man has been murdered in his office 6000 miles away. British secret service agent Jane Morgan (Miranda) heads for Akasava to find out what’s happening, as does Forrester’s nephew Rex (Fred Williams). The story continues with a bewildering assortment of double-crosses and weirdness, all centering on a deadly philosopher’s stone that can transmute metal to gold but also emits a deadly radiation….Digitally Obsessed

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