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Deutschland privat – Im Land der bunten Träume (2007)

  • Orjinal İsim: Deutschland privat - Im Land der bunten Träume
  • Yapım yılı:
  • IMDB Puanı: /10
  • Yönetmen:
  • Filmin Türü: Erotic Retro Vintage
  • Filmin Dili:
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The late seventies, the film director Robert van Ackeren advertised in various newspapers and asked for any submission privately filmed a Super-8 material, the unauthorized – of its creators – to an intimate glimpse into the very private life and the Germans will be filmed. The response to the unusual call was overwhelming, so for the planned film had plenty of material available privately Germany, which, fortunately – at least for some viewers – with frivolities pornographic and not just stingy. Now Robert Van Ackeren is who owns the now probably the largest collection of private cine, continued the approach and shows once again what happens between the sixties and the eighties in Germany’s bedrooms and then going elsewhere. The result is – as always when it comes to eroticism – a pure matter of taste, but tend not to speak cinematic Feingeister, for here let’s get to Grobe and preserves, and subtle observations of Teutonic life and joy are more the exception.
(# ) In many cases, the film also carries a secret films like “The German-German Peinlichkeitsrolle” before it, for what is seen, is often less than enlightening rather trivial and often – depending on your perspective – exhibitionist or voyeuristic: strange exercises in sexy dress Sex in every variation, pert breasts, held at the camera, but Lady Di’s visit to Berlin, where the pink hat, the queen of hearts is the main factor, or the confessions of a man who still lives with Mom and dreams with laboriously saved up money to get a woman from the Far East.

Maybe it’s colorful, shrill, painful and frivolous smorgasbord of super-8 films indeed a therapeutic agent for the filmmaker Robert Van Ackeren, whose films are so different, therefore than those collected works. While Van Ackeren always the smooth, often licked and Stylized preferred are those properties in Germany privately – rarely found in the land of colorful dreams if ever – they are in many ways an alternative to the oeuvre of the director, whose films with only by the focus on eroticism and sex as the driving forces of life connected. And last but not least, Germany is private – In the land of colorful dreams, a kind of return to their own cinematic roots, remembers Robert Van Ackeren. Even he took his first steps with a cine-course and began his career as an accomplished cinematographer and documentarian next door with great interest for the ordinary people. And as for the move, it makes the selection of Van Ackeren’s little doubt: Of course it is mostly about sex, and contrary to popular belief, the German Michel is not jammed sausage and his partner / wife / girlfriend ready for any crime as long as the camera is ready .

, But be honest: At times when professional adult film productions the world of Amateur have discovered for themselves and always ready to find men and women who dream of a career as an asterisk of the erotic film and accordingly liberally before enter the camera, is privately Germany – In the land of colorful dreams at best a diversion throbbing leg, which one should look at best in a great mood and with the help of some alcoholic beverages – if at all. Basically, the film is reminiscent of shows such as “Germany’s most embarrassing home videos” or something like that serve even in the private networks only as a filler. The only difference perhaps lies in the quality and the distinctive look of the Super-8 films as well as many flashback a la “This was an ugly wallpaper in the living room we also views” and an attitude that between voyeuristic pleasure, disbelief, horror and naked a stupid Ablachen varies. The promised gain in knowledge in any case may not set it right, because that in their own homes rather goes to the point, we have long suspected – only one does not necessarily have to see.

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