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Diversions (1976)


Also known as: Sex Express, Linda au pays du sexe

Review: I must say that it does have some fairly extreme scenes in it, but It’s definitely not the most shocking film I’ve ever viewed. The plot involves an escorted female prisoner who is being taken on a train by the police. She soon starts daydreaming and we’re fortunately privy to her extremely bawdy visions. There are about 6 or 7 of these “diversions” so I’ll describe a few. One involves a sexual encounter with a man while she further imagines herself being raped by soldiers. Her revenge on these soldiers is imagined (with the man, mind you) in the form of a knifing and a penectomy. Weird stuff. Another involves having sex with a vampire who she’s trying to stake while lying beneath him. Another involves her having photographs taken all over her apartment (which leads to more silliness and of course, sex). There’s also some lesbian encounters, Nazis and a really weird sort of silents style send up at the end. Again, a very bizarre exploitation film.

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