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Dr. Christina of Sweden (1970) Nick Millard


Dr. Christina of Sweden
Actors: Uschi Digard, Lynn Harris
Directors: Nick Philips

The film starts off with a female narrator telling us that Dr. Christina Of Sweden was the pen name she used to write sexy articles for a few newspapers. From here, we learn about how she went out to research those articles, beginning with her arrival in Paris, the city of love where the bulk of the film was actually shot. Our narrator struts around the streets and tells us what she sees for a few minutes, and once she’s set up in her hotel, she hits the pavement and starts her research by cruising around the seedy side of the town. She starts off by interviewing a young couple about their promiscuous ways – when she finds them they’re having sex on the couch (she says she would have called but they didn’t have a phone) so she stands in the doorway and watches them get it on (“Their young love making was like poetry”” she tells us).She watches them sixty-nine on the couch for a bit, then comments as they have sex from a few different angles, after which she heads back to her hotel to write down her notes.
Cut to more Paris scenery, and we find the good doctor cruising around town with a funky headband on looking for more fun. She’s eager to see the Paris she’s read so much about, and after taking in the Eiffel Tower and a few other landmarks, she goes shopping and then she gets drunk and has a dream wherein two lesbians are getting it on in a bedroom. In typical Nick Philips fashion, one of the girls is wearing some white go-go boots (which her lover licks up and down) and we get to watch, like Christina does in her mind, the two lovelies going down and going at it full tilt with nothing left to the imagination. They even use a feather and then later a strap-on in their bedroom play, which seems to be something that the narrator digs.
When Christina awakens, she heads back out into Paris and rides the train to the other side of town. She wanders around, takes in the site, and scribbles down some more notes. Though she already has ample material for her article, she wants more and after enjoying a smoke and some more sight seeing, she winds up at a show where Uschi and another woman make sweet, sweet lipstick lesbian love on a creepy looking old green couch. Much bumping and grinding and rubbing and licking ensues as Christina urges them to do more, more, more. Then it just ends as Christina heads back out into the street. I’m not sure if the film is incomplete or if it’s just an unusually abrupt ending, but that’s the way it goes.
While not as good as Philip’s other hardcore offering, Les Chic starring the gorgeous Rene Bond, Dr. Christina Of Sweden is still a good example of his technique, with the strange narration, leg and boot fetish action, and an Uschi appearance to boot. The plot really only exists to piece together the sex scenes of which there are only three but they do make up the bulk of the film and they’re rather steamy in an old school way.

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