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Dr. Sex (1964) – Ted V. Mikels






A review from Dvddrivein:
Meet DR. SEX. With his two assistants Dr. Schmutz and Dr. Lovejoy (a pretty brunette with glasses), the trio regale each other with case studies of some of their strangest psychotherapy patients, all with sexual hang-ups, for a book they are all co-writing as a follow-up to the Kinsey Report. We witness a puppy in lust with his lovely owner, a nebish who can only make love to female mannequins (!), an exhibitionist nude model, and a lonely man haunted by nude female ghosts (?).

Ted V. Mikels, the infamous goateed director who currently resides in a castle with a harem of women, is a super-nice guy. But the man can’t deliver a really good exploitation movie to save his life. Coming close to cult classic status are ASTRO ZOMBIES, THE DOLL SQUAD, 10 VIOLENT WOMEN, and parts of THE GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS, with bonus points to THE CORPSE GRINDERS and BLOOD ORGY OF THE SHE-DEVILS for good ad campaigns. But when cult film aficionados talk about the director whose films are most painful to endure, Mikels’ name is near the top of the list (along with Al Adamson, usually). The beginning of the director’s genesis in exploitation began here with DR. SEX, an abysmal and dreadfully boring nudie with a cute premise, but not enough sizzle. It’s an interesting relic, one of few films of its time that actually put the word “SEX” in the title rather than a provocative double-entendre, and some of the case study punchlines are funny in a stupid sort of way. But the film is shot, edited, and acted in a static manner and the girls aren’t really all that pretty or great to look at. The film drags DR. SEX stands as a curiosity piece and nothing more. A curiosity worth saving, that’s for sure, but not even a minor classic by any stretch of the imagination. Clocking in at only 63 minutes, Michael Weldon’s Psychotronic review says there is a section of the movie missing and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s gone for good.

Culled from the sole remaining 35mm print in existence, the transfer for DR. SEX is predictably not so hot. It’s not as bad as, say, 50,000 B.C., but the image is polluted with green lines, blemishes, dirt, grime, and jumps. It’s still nice to finally see after the film disappeared for years (this was Something Weird’s debut VHS release) and all things considered, the colors look good and flesh tones are usually accurate. For some odd reason, perhaps as a joke, the opening titles are in Italo-Spanish and the film is credited to director “Theo Mikacecci”?! Also, at 34:06, there is a bizarre digital zoom into the frame, making the picture extra-fuzzy. Don’t ask me why it’s there, the scene in question is of a young girl running around naked, so maybe there was a problem with seeing her tush?

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