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Educating Mandy (1985)



Mandy is in love with her husband Ted. But apparently it’s not enough, as she sees him during a random encounter with his secretary at work. Her bisexual friend Vicki and Vicki’s girlfriend Helen come over to comfort her, but not before recalling a recent threesome they had with a male date. Once at Mandy’s house, Helen explains men simply can’t miss any conquest opportunities. For example, a supposedly married cosmetics customer couldn’t resist her as a door-to-door saleswoman when she seduces him. Helen also recalls seducing her pool cleaner, thus proving to Mandy the benefits of being single. Vicki provides her own beneficial example: seducing her plumber. Vicki and Helen then invite Mandy to their relationship. Inspired by it all, Mandy fantasizes about seducing her non-English-speaking gardener. But the one she actually ends up seducing is her lawyer friend after he confesses his longtime love.

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