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Erotic Inferno (1976) – Trevor Wrenn




After learning of their father’s death, two nasty, bickering brothers, “Martin” (Christopher Chittel) and “Paul” (Karl Lanchbury), descend on their father’s estate where they find themselves locked out of the main house by their father’s unpleasant butler/procurer “Adam” until the will is read. While they wait in the guest house, all three men amuse themselves by having a lot of swinging 70’s sex with the sundry available women including “Adam’s” casual girlfriend (Jenny Westbrook), “Martin’s” fiancée (Jeannie Collings), and the lovely young stable lass (Heather Deeley) with a very jealous lesbian lover (Mary Millington). But there’s a very big surprise in store for everybody. . .

The male characters in this movie are all unlikeable jackasses, but then they’re played by actors (Chittel, Lanchbury) who really specialized in portraying unlikeable jackasses. The female cast is pretty impressive for a softcore British sex flick. Jenny Westbrook was a kind of homely girl with a great body. Heather Deeley was a very attractive girl with a great body (she later appeared in “Diversions”, easily THE most disturbing hardcore porn movie to ever come out of a Britain). Mary Millington (who also has a great body, of course) was literally a British sex legend in her own time (although she’s credited as “Mary Maxted” and dubbed in this early role). But perhaps the most beautiful girl here was newcomer Jeannie Collings. This movie is kind of like an American “roughie” or a Japanese “pink” movie in that all the women, if not actually raped, are often treated pretty roughly. (So if all your personal sex fantasies involve nothing but scenes of loving, respectful monogamy, you probably will want to avoid this).

The director Travis Wren was a protégée of the Spanish/British “Eurotica” director Jose Larraz. Like Larraz Wren doesn’t have much gift for comedy, but then thankfully he also didn’t cast a bunch of over-the-hill Brit “comedians” to mug their way through this so the prudish, hypocritical British audience of the day could pretend they were NOT simply watching a raunchy sex flick. This pretty much wears its raunch on its sleeve. Like with many Larraz films, there is perhaps TOO MUCH sex here, but rather than the sex scenes being interminably long, they’re instead laughably numerous (When Mary Millington plays a movie’s most monogamous character, that REALLY says something!). Not for everybody, but you know you are. . .

Michael Watkins, Jennifer Westbrook, Chris Chittell

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