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Felicity (1979) – John D. Lamond








Written & Directed by John D. Lamond
Cinematography by Garry Wapshott
Film Editing by Russell Hurley
Starring Glory Annen, Christopher Milne, Joni Flynn, Jody Hanson, Marilyn Rodgers, & Gordon Charles

Felicity Robinson (Annen) is a (somewhat) virginal young Catholic schoolgirl just beginning to discover her sexuality, particularly through books such as The Story of O and Emanuelle. When her father invites her on a trip to Hong Kong, she sees it as a chance to discover herself and live out her fantasies…

As far as the softcore genre goes, Felicity is obviously much less well known than the Emanuelle series, but well-deserving of its cult status. Sexy without being genuinely sleazy, with an interesting ‘coming of age’ story, plenty of nudity and sex, and a truly tacky 70’s theme song (“Mama’s Little Girl No More”, by Linda George) amusingly and rather inappropriately stuck in at various points (that little guitar ‘boing’ in the midst of the song is so horridly out of place I kept expecting something ‘wacky’ to happen when I heard it!). A definite must-have for lovers of Vaseline-lensed softcore 70’s flicks!

As would be expected of the softcore genre, the film’s far from flawless. Awkwardly edited, with some stale performers and horrid dialogue, as well as the aforementioned tacky song. And yet the film manages to rise above its limitations by playing to its strengths, such as the seductively innocent lead actress and lovely Hong Kong locales… As well as Penthouse model Joni Flynn in one of the only three films she was in (the others being Monty Python and the Holy Grain and Octopussy… the hell?!).

And of course, the point everyone’s waiting for, the screens! Not work safe, quite obviously… But hey, what’re you doing scanning KG at work?

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