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Flotte Biester auf der Schulbank (1983) Jan Apfeld


TITLE: Flotte Biester auf der Schulbank
AKA: Eier am Stiel, Schulmädchen Sex, Erotic School Girl
DIRECTOR: Jan Apfeld
YEAR: 1983
COUNTRY: Germany
LENGTH: 69 mins

MAIN CAST: Peter Steiner, Uschi Karnat, Sibylle Rauch, Eleonore Melzer, Carmen Chevalier, Anja Bader, Sybille Sting, Edith Volkmann, Ernst Soelden, Heinz Peter Scholz, Tanja Lukin, Werner Singh

REST OF CAST: Carmen Chevalier, Susanne Hofer, Franz A. Huber, Chris Parker, Sybille Sting, Hermann Ebeling, Norbert Gescher, Manfred Lehmann

An attractive teacher inherits a rubber factory from her uncle, where condoms and sex toys are produced. His legacy leads the lovely teacher into a series of erotic encounters.

This is the soft version of Flotte Biester auf der Schulbank. There’s obviously a lot of cuts to make it safe for TV. This was taped in LP off the German satellite channel Sat.1 in the early 90s. Picture and sound quaity near perfect (for VHS).

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