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Forced Entry (1973) Shaun Costello



  • Orjinal İsim: Forced Entry
  • Yapım yılı:
  • IMDB Puanı: /10
  • Yönetmen:
  • Filmin Türü: Erotic Retro Vintage
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Here is a prime example of why I respect 70’s film-making. Although I can’t say that I necessarily “enjoyed” FORCED ENTRY – I have to give it credit for its sheer “shock value” and boundary-pushing audacity. Those that think that hack films like AUGUST UNDERGROUND or SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS is the nastiest thing out there should really make a foray into the world of sadistic 70’s/80’s porn. These films show that they were doing things far more graphic, subversive, nasty, and ground-breaking thirty years ago…and not much has topped them since…

FORCED ENTRY is a strange installment in “classic” porn history. Playing out much more like a psycho/slasher film that takes itself quite seriously – but with unarousing hardcore sex thrown into the mix as the anti-hero of the film rapes and slashes his way through several victims. This sort of material is DEFINITELY not going to be for everyone, so you are duly warned…

Harry Reems plays a shell-shocked ‘Nam-vet who uses his position as a pump-jockey (at the ironically named “Joe’s Friendly Service”) to scope out possible victims for his exploits. Reems (I don’t recall him ever having a character-name in the film…) is frequently assaulted by flashbacks of the war, which are cut into the film via actual war stock-footage and sound FX. Obviously, our pal Harry hasn’t adjusted too well to being back in the real-world, and only finds temporary “release” from these visions by stalking, raping, and stabbing women. There are 3 such scenes in the film – the first having Reems break into the house of a woman he met at the gas station, who he proceeds to humiliate at knife-point while getting a forced blow-job. After promising not to hurt her if she does a good job – he cuts her throat after he blows his load on her face. Guess he wasn’t too fond of her “skills”. Next up is another young lady that was a gas-station patron – who Harry yanks out of her shower and forcibly rapes at gun-point while spouting all kinds of nasty-talk at her. In the end, she is dispatched too by a stomach and titty stabbing. Finally, Harry meets his match when he goes up against two drugged out lesbo hippy chicks – who are so whacked out on something, that they try to “take advantage” of Harry when he comes in to rape them. This causes Harry to “short-circuit” – and ultimately spells the end of his rape and murder spree…

First off – FORCED ENTRY is filmed very matter-of-factly and can be considered quite “shocking” in it’s starkness. The scenes of Harry raping women while the film is edited with scenes of war-footage and machine-gun and explosion sound FX can prove to be harrowing. That said

I didn’t find the film quite as “rough” as others seem to. To be

quite honest (at the risk of sounding like a sick-o…) rape-style films don’t get to me the way that they seem to bother others. This is not because I in any way, shape, or form condone the act – it’s that I can’t relate to it from either side. I can’t imagine being forced to have unwanted sexual relations against my will – nor can I really imagine violently forcing myself on an unwilling woman. I also don’t personally know any rape-victims (or if I do – I’ve never been told…) so although I know this type of thing does happen in real-life, I have no personal experience to draw from, therefore viewing the situations in much the same way that I view an on-screen murder in a horror film – as not being “reality”. I personally still find THE TAMING OF REBECCA to be the “roughest” of the XXX-roughies (that I’ve seen so far), with sickeningly graphic and demented depictions of simulated pedophilia and twisted sex-acts that in my opinion surpass anything shown in FORCED ENTRY. Still – FORCED ENTRY is not for the average viewer. The porn/rape aspects are graphic and unarousing, and the film itself overall is pretty bleak and dreary. Much like watching a sex-filled version of COMBAT SHOCK – minus the mutated baby. Those that dig or can handle dark and extreme films will probably want to check this out. Think MANIAC with a lower budget, worse acting (though Reems is quite believable) and hardcore rape scenes. 8.5/10

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  1. VonKan

    1 month önce

    I’ve heard the name but this looks seriously extreme! Must have it.

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