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Je suis à prendre AKA I’m Yours to Take (1978)






adult movie poster

Directed by
Francis Leroi

Writing credits
Francis Leroi

Brigitte Lahaie
Patrick Bruno
Karine Gambier
Robert Le Ray
Jean-Pierre Armand

Helene is a young, sexually inexperienced women. That all changes after she drinks some milk laced with an aphrodisiac. Now she is overcome by sexual desire, and will do anything to achieve fulfillment.

Bertrand wants his new bride, Hélène, to adopt his swinging lifestyle. He achieves this by leaving her frustrated while his servants spike her glasses of milk with aphrodisiacs while he goes off to attend orgies at another mansion. As a result Hélène has it away with the maid, the groom and the butler, sometimes watched by her husband, until finally he consummates their marriage himself and then takes her along to the orgy, in which she takes part enthusiastically.

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