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Fred J. Lincoln – Model Wife (1990)

X-Rated Adult Movie Poster

Zara Whites must be one of the most beautiful women in adult film. I would really like to see her in straight, mainstream film. I first saw this film six years ago and her image is always on my mind. I’m sorry she’s retired from the business. Zara has a vulnerability about her. Unlike most adult actresses, she is not cheap in appearance or her zest for sex. The film itself has some great fantasies. It’s not simply scene after scene. It has a realistic plot, one in which my fantasies could be fulfilled. The multiple partner scenes were structured and made sense. They were not gratuitous. But, overall, I found myself waiting for Zara’s appearances. I will definitely seek out other Zara Whites films.

Zara Whites, Marc Wallice, Sandra Scream

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