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Gefangene Frauen AKA Island Women (1980) – Erwin C. Dietrich










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What can I say?. Put them all together: Erwin Dietrich behind the camera, Brigitte Lahaie and a whole bunch of gorgeous, very naked women in front of the camera, keep the nudity and hot scenes going from beginning to end, and you’ve got a winner. Storyline?… who cares! Okay, okay… a bunch of beautiful girls are kidnapped from a bordello by a paramilitary force (yikes!) and taken to a deserted island to be held as sex slaves. That’s the bad news. The good news is they don’t suffer much at all, and they are nude most of the time. Basically the same cast from “Come Play With Me” (another wonderful Erwin Dietrich romp) with a bunch of welcomed additions. Fans of ’70s Euro sleaze will definitely enjoy this one.

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