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George Raders – The Abnormal Female (1969)




The Abnormal Female

Woodyanders at IMDB: A psychiatrist treats a bevy of lovely, but deviant female patients. Said patients are a pretty messed-up bunch. Sadist Vickie derives sick kicks from beating up guys and then tying them up. Unhappily married Sherry is addicted to engaging in dirty sex with total strangers. Insatiable teenage nympho Kathy just can’t get enough. Married couple Fred and Janet enjoy having a threesome with lesbian Barbara. Director George Rodgers, working from a trashy script by Martin Lathrop, delivers plenty of in-your-face explicit nudity and really raunchy soft-core sex. A heavy-handed narrator babbles incessantly about the girls’ severe sexual hang-ups. H. M. Schultz’s rough, grainy black and white photography greatly adds to the pervasive seediness. Arthur Lindsey’s wild free-form jazz score likewise does the groovy trick. The wonderfully wretched theme song is downright hilarious. Best of all, the women look quite attractive and aren’t the least bit bashful about showing off their nice natural naked bodies at pleasingly regular intervals. Moreover, there’s all kinds of seamy carnal activity on display throughout. A satisfyingly scuzzy slice of pure unadulterated junk.

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