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Gynaikes pou zitousan ton erota (1975) Ilias Mylonakos


AKA Women Looking For Pleasure

A passionate lesbian couple (who are in peculiar loving terms with their phone device) kill an old man and steal the money from his safe.

They then travel to the island of Kea and meet hotelier Phaedon who soon develops a passion for one of the women. He also develops another passion for the money package he finds in their luggage.

He has to deal with a domineering big brother who is a policeman and a nagging girlfriend who wants to marry him. So, as you see, it’s an absolutely passionate story of lust, jealousy, greed, murder and brotherly …hate.

And with a peeping Tom’s masturbation scene, which was very common in those 70’s porn films.

Finally one of those 70’s sexploitation Greek films with the hardcore scenes left in, although they all look trimmed and suffering from several cuts, like e.g. there’s no ejaculation whatsoever (which is quite …impossible in porno as well as in real life) and if you look closely you’ll see one tiny part of the picture blurred in the beach lesbian scene, minute 47 to 48.

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