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Josefine Mutzenbacher – Wie sie wirklich war: 1. Teil AKA Sensational Janine (1976) Hans Billian


Outstanding European XXX tells the early years of Josephine Mutzenbacher (Janine in US version), Viennese courtesan of c1890. Here she starts off as mischievous virgin and never does quite reach pro ranks, with in medias res ending that sets up the sequel. The story falters a bit here and there, but lead work by Patricia Romberg is completely winning. She seems to be having a good time throughout and is perhaps the most adorable hardcore starlet of all time. Porn sequences are shorter, and more numerous, than in the average US film, and are well staged by director Hans Billian. Several sequels have been made but all are inferior to the original, not least because Rhomberg did not appear in any of them. Biggest drawback is that many of the cast are unusually *old* to be working in porno and are not particularly attractive. Janine’s mother and stepfather, who both have several XXX scenes, appear to be in their 50s. The priest who hears Janine’s confession (there is a touch of anti-clericalism here) looks even older, though it’s not clear how much of his own stuntwork he actually does, due to editing. Most of the featured males have the mien of drug-dealing pimps.

X-rated “Sensational Janine” is a must-see/must-own for any lover of “old” (’60s/’70s) erotica. It is the best-known film in the USA by talented German director Hans Billian.
It has EVERYTHING (almost): an interesting and followable story supposedly based on the real life of a famous Viennese prostitute … a jaw-droppingly beautiful star (Patricia Rhomberg), her ripe body oozing sexuality in every scene … male actors who look like regular guys … brother-sister sex … stepfather-stepdaughter sex … landlady-boarder sex … sex-with-the-horny-bitch-from-the-alley sex … priest-penitent sex … take-me-when-I’m-sleeping sex … threesomes … foursomes … voyeurism … masturbation … light S&M … hand-jobs … blow-jobs … lingerie modeling … in fact just about every kind of sex except anal and animal. Gee, I wonder if Russ Meyer had a hand in making this?

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