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Heißer Sex auf Ibiza (1982) Gérard Loubeau


Also Known As (AKA)
The Dark Side of Sex International (soft porn version) (English title) / Switzerland (X-rated version) (English title)
Heisser Sex auf Ibiza (alternate spelling)
Hot Sex in Ibiza USA (dubbed version)
Hot Summer in Ibiza Europe (English title)
Ibiza al desnudo Spain
L’amour au soleil France (video title)
Nach Ibiza der Liebe wegen Switzerland (German title)
Sesso Caldo a Ibiza Brazil

Director:Gérard Loubeau
Writers:Erwin C. Dietrich (story)
Gérard Loubeau (writer)
Released: 1982

Cast (Credited cast)
Olinka Hardiman … Olinka, the Maid
Laura May … Laura, Madame Oulard’s Friend (as Laurence Eymard)
Dominique Saint Claire … Madame ‘Patti’ Oulard (as Dominique-Patricia Séjourné)
Linda Ordonez … Therese, the Daughter (as Lydia Ordonez)
Alban Ceray … Alban Oulard
Marianne Aubert
Laurence Eymard … The Hitchhiker (as Astrid Bone)
Kitty Hilaire … M. Oulard’s Mistress (as Hare Krane)
Roman Huber
Gabriel Pontello … Captain Finch

While Mr. Oulard is philandering with a hitchhiker, his black mistress and a disco pick-up, his villa on Ibiza is invaded by three thugs who force themselves on his wife and his wife’s friend, and then also his daughter and his maid. After making them perform various sex acts with each other and the thugs, they take them aboard a yacht where Captain Finch is asleep. More perversions follow.

When Mr. Oulard returns however, all seems well at the villa, but he switches on the TV to find a video playing of his wife having sex with someone else.

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