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Henri Pierre Duval – French Fantasies (1973)





X-Rated Adult Movie Poster

Classic French from the ’70’s! World Class Erotica, with the absolute hottest stars of classic adult film! Stars European hotties Antoinette Turquois & Michelle Cohn-Bendit.
This one is for guys who wonder what it would be like to have sex with a French woman. Henri Pierre Duval, who directs the film, show great vintage shots of Paris and the Riviera at Nice. In addition, a voice-over of a sexy French lady, in highly accented English, relays the naughty details during the scenarios. A true experience for the senses.

Antoinette Turquois
Michelle Cohn-Bendit
Genvieve Aubord
Denise Martin
Lila Regeau
Andrea Rothchild
Jacques Devore
Robert Alain Coute IV

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