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Herzblatt oder Wie sag’ ich’s meiner Tochter? [1969] Alfred Vohrer

  • Orjinal İsim: Herzblatt oder Wie sag' ich's meiner Tochter?
  • Yapım yılı:
  • IMDB Puanı: /10
  • Yönetmen:
  • Filmin Türü: Erotic Retro Vintage
  • Filmin Dili:
  • Oyuncular:
  • Etiketler: ,

Synopsis: Widower Paul (Georg Thomalla) always delayed talking to his daughter about sex. But when workers on a nearby construction site are falling down their scaffold because 16 years old “Herzblatt” (the lovely Mascha Gonska) is tanning naked, he feels he has to take action. In the hope she’ll learn herself what consequences the difference between boys and girls has, he tries to get her a boyfriend.

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