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I eromeni [1982] Omiros Efstratiadis


A director/producer [who is already indebted to his creditors for 15 million drachmas and also in bad terms with his wife, a rich sculptress who keeps him attached to her & her fortune in an arrogant way] falls in love with a dancer during her audition for his new theatre show. Attraction is mutual and she soon becomes his mistress as well as a successful performer. The only problem is she doesn’t like sharing him. So the wife has to go…

This might pass as softcore, with a touch of giallo and some dramatic soap-operish dialogue.María José Cantudo looks great and can do the flamenco very well, Andreas Barkoulis tries a new wig (like in most of his films), transsexual American actress Ajita Wilson gives some massage at the gym and director Omiros Efstratiadis, aiming at the Spanish film-market no doubt, makes another sexploitation flick fair enough for international (…?) distribution.

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