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Il pavone nero (1975)



This version only circulated in Italy in the early 80s due to a phantom homevideo release on the Jolly Films video label.

The source for this copy is a 1979 UMATIC tape, the original master tape used by Jolly Films.
UMATIC is a video standard mostly used in the late 70’s and 80’s by local networks and small video labels for their master copies. I have lot of them, with now disappeared weird movies on, so i could continue in the future my UMATIC series release if you like it.

This version of the movie cuts the first 15 minutes, in order to fit in the hc stuff not included in the standard version.

HC scenes were shot on location for this movie, with different actors (note that Karin Schubert wears a wig in this movie, so her double will look more like her in the hc inserts)

The title “Voodoo Sexy Erotico” was only featured on the cardboard box of the homevideo release. Actually this version retains its original “Pavone Nero” title

This is one of the rarest items in the history of Italian exploitative cinema of the 70’s.

One of her most obscure films is the 1974 Italian production IL PAVONE NERO, directed by Osvaldo Civriani (OPERAZIONE POKER), a competent genre journeyman of the 1960s and 70s. This has never had any legitimate home video R1 presentation on any format and don’t expect a deluxe DVD presentation any time soon.

This strictly soft core effort combines sexy Caribbean voodoo rituals, mild horror elements, interracial sex, dream sequences and some nudity. Ms. Schubert plays Laura, the upper class wife of an Italian engineer (BAY OF BLOOD’s Chris Avram) who is charmed by a voodoo priest when they visit Santo Domingo. As her husband draws up plans for a local construction project she discovers Voodoo dolls in odd places, runs off into the jungle at night to visit fevered rituals presided over by the master, played by singer, composer, actor Don Powell (BLACK EMANUELLE 2). In one delirious scene Schubert, who has Big Hair and isn’t afraid to suddenly strip for the nearest male, discovers the white person in every black when a local dancer tears off her own skin and reveals Karin Schubert as the woman hidden within her flesh! Another scene contains a memorable shot of Powell carrying our scuba diving heroine in his arms on the ocean floor. Husband Chris finds out about all this obsessive-compulsive behavior and locks Laura up but the witch doctor gets her anyway, tying her to a sacrificial post for the ultimate sacrifice…

Laura is saved at the last minute by the local police but Chris still has problems with her back home until he finds and burns the voodoo fetish, after which he discovers his wife has become tame as the family dog. Just the way he likes her!

It’s all very sexist, racist and totally Politically Incorrect. With a catchy, throbbing, drums-in-the-tropics score by Powell (who doesn’t sing here) and Lallo Gori. This somewhat anticipates the later Dominican Republic lensed sex/horror mixes of erotica, zombies, voodoo and gore from Joe D’Amato (cf VOODOO BABY; EROTIC NIGHTS OF THE LIVING DEAD; PAPAYA: LOVE GODDESS OF THE CANNIBALS, coming on R1 DVD from Severin next year).

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