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Orgia stin Kerkyra AKA The Pussycat Syndrome (1983) Ilias Mylonakos

X-Rated Adult Movie Poster

Donna and Maria are two fashion models enjoying sun, fun, each other, and anything on two legs that will hold still long enough them to hump it while on vacation in Greece. They hook up with a playboy voyeur named Mr. Nico and his kinky artist wife among another things.

“The Pussycat Syndrome” is terrific fun, an exploitation film that is highly enjoyable from beginning to end that does not insult the intelligence of the viewer. Ajita Wilson and Tina Eklund are a perfect pair of opposites cast as fashion models who, in between assignments, decide to travel around sunny Greece, picking up male hitchhikers, swimming nude, meeting a rich man and his frigid artist wife and having a torrid lesbian three-way with the aforementioned wife, suddenly no longer frigid — the usual antics one would expect in Greece. There’s also a beauty contest in which Ms. Wilson is a shoo-in while Ms. Eklund spends 90 percent of the film stark naked, and boy does she look terrific this way! Both actresses turn in effortlessly good performances. Clearly they were having fun during the filming. There are two hardcore scenes in the uncut version of the film, one of which has our two heroines and their two current men of the hour having lots of carnal fun while the track “Let’s Do It” playfully romps in the background. A more romantic, piano-based theme is played often on the soundtrack and it is very pleasing to the ear. No, this is not a deep, intellectual viewing experience, but if you are looking for fun for fun’s sake, you can’t go wrong with this film. Enjoy!

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