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Jailhouse Girls (1984)

  • Orjinal İsim: Jailhouse Girls
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  • IMDB Puanı: /10
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  • Filmin Türü: Erotic Retro Vintage
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Synopsis’:Caught up in a prostitution raid, Joanne is quickly introduced to the cruel realities of the penal system. Her first lesson comes courtesy of a transport van driver before she even arrives at the prison. Annoyed by the repeated protestations of her innocence, driver Jack stops the van, and while his female partner takes a smoke break in the cab, he rapes the shackled Joanne in front of three other constrained female prisoners who voice no objections. Upon arrival at the prison the warden tells her she must learn to “play the game” if she ever expects to be released.
Henri Pachard churns out a grimy little grinder with a lot of impact that was overlooked by many critics. Ginger is the innocent babe tossed into the slammer on trumped up prostitution charges. Paul Thomas runs the place with an iron hand and a vasoline glove, assisted by Kelly Nichols, who plays inmate Killer. The CAGED HEAT crowd can enjoy Joey and Ginger in the van, followed by a wide assortment of behind bars boffing. Guards like Howard, Chelsea and Payne take liberties with prisoners Raven and Kristara, who is outstanding in the rat hole crawl scene. Never fear, the major feature of women in jail is the obligatory lesbian stuff, a sudden scene with Ginger and Raven. Bad people get their comeuppance. Killer saves the day and escape has to be in order. Some will find this sleeper rather slimy, but fans will find it hot. Raincoat stuff.


Aaaah. Nothing like a classic porn Women in Prison movie to start off the weekend. This time, it’s Jailhouse Girls, which stars the incomparable Ginger Lynn as the “innocent” babe behind bars.

Ginger plays a naive young aspiring actress working as a receptionist for a massage parlor. The cops raid the place and she gets arrested as a prostitute. Her protestations of innocence fall on deaf ears and she gets hauled off to prison along with all the hookers.

On the way to the lockup, paddywagon driver Joey Silvera decides to get himself a little of the tasty and testy young Ginger. As his female partner (Jill Cumer??) waits in complete boredom, Joey pulls the van over and goes in the back. With her hands cuffed above her head, there is little Ginger can do as she is fondled and groped by the officer. Joey goes on to force her to suck him off for a little while before fucking her from behind and dropping a load on her ass. Unfortunately for us, the scene doesn’t quite live up to it’s potential as Ginger acts the part of a scared and submissive innocent rather than a struggling rape victim.

At the prison (What, no trial?), there is the usual WIP strip search by the tough lesbian (Chelsea Blake), the stereotypical lesbian encounter between Ginger and Raven plus the classic jailbird (Kristara)/guard (Frank Serrone) romance.

Raven squeals to her lover, the warden (Paul Thomas) about Kristara’s illicit affair and as punishment, Kristara is put into solitary confinement. This being a WIP movie, she’s not isolated for long. Paul Thomas and Chelsea Blake show up and violate the hell out of Barrington. There’s forced lesbianism, object insertion and a good old fashioned brutal rape.

In the third and final rape scene, George Payne plays the asshole prison guard who takes advantage of the girls. He chooses Ginger, whom he undresses and forces to suck his cock. He then fuck her doggie-style while she grimaces, whimpers and cries. The scene ends as George dribbles his load on her tit. It’s an understated scene, but a very “realistic” and effective one.

The movie ends with Ginger and Kristara escaping, thanks to Serrone.

Jailhouse girls isn’t the best classic porn rape movie ever made. On their own, the rape scenes just don’t stand out that much, though to my knowledge they are the only such scene Ginger Lynn ever did. It might just be one of the best WIP movies ever though. As alluded to above, its’ got all the standard elements of your late-night cable softporn WIP movie (strip search, rape by prison guard, sadistic warden, hot lesbian sex) only hardcore.

If WIP is your kink, or you’re a big Ginger Lynn fan, this is a must have movie. If on the other hand you’re looking more for a pure rape movie, this one will probably not hit the mark

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