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Jesus Franco – Botas negras, látigo de cuero (1983)


“Lina Romay is hot!, 19 October 2007
Author: Brian D. Horrorwitz ([email protected]) from Maryland

I have to disagree with the other reviewer here. To me Lina Romay is still looking good and the blonde hair suits her! (I suppose it is a matter of taste but Romay fans will not be let down.) She plays a hot stripper who uses her “goods” to manipulate Al Pereira (Antonio Mayans) into doing some dangerous detective work for her. There are NOT any hardcore scenes but it does come close at one point. This would rate a soft X probably but still it is pretty raunchy and not at all boring! Although the copy I saw was in Spanish language with no subtitles it was easy enough to follow if you’ve seen a few Jess Franco movies before.”

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