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Jesus Franco – Flores de la pasión AKA Flowers of Passion (2005)






Jesus Franco movie poster

From K. H. Brown’s Kinocite review:

“Shot with more or less the same (small) cast and crew this diptych of 2005 productions (originally titled as Flowers of Passion and Flowers of Perversion) represents some of Jess Franco’s most intensely personal filmmaking for a long time, signalled by their use of the Manacoa rather than One Shot banner; Manacoa being the name of the director’s own long established, but long dormant production company. Both film present a minimum of plot and a maximum of nudity and all-girl action, along with significant formal experimentation in the use of digital technology, and explorations of the relationships between sounds and images and the creative possibilities of editing. Passion comes across as being Franco’s take on Rear Window or A Short Film About Love, perhaps a slight touch of the “Telephone” segment of Bava’s Black Sabbath thrown in for good measure. A lesbian couple (Fata Morgana and Carmen Montes) live opposite a woman (Rachel Sheppard) who has just broken up with her lover (Lina Romay). The women obsessively watches the couple make love – or fantasises the same, as Franco plays with the ontological status of the images – and eventually throws herself out the window with fatal consequence. […] Conventional narrative is besides the point as the sequences – whether lovemaking, sadomasochistic or the shaving of pubic hair – run on and on with deliberate langour. At times it is boring, but at others it is genuinely hypnotic and dreamlike, with the use of slow-motion and colour filters particularly effective. Whatever the case, it’s all Franco – precisely the thing, one suspects, that will prevent his experiments from being recognised in wider film culture. To make a gross generalisation, the arthouse won’t bother with these films because they are too exploitative and sleazy, whilst the porno crowd won’t find them exploitative enough with the director’s penchant for real women over silicone dolls. Yet again, then, he’s preaching to the converted. ‘Those who know… know'”.

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