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Debbie does Dallas (1978) Jim Buckley


Debbie Does Dallas starring Bambi Woods as Debbie Benton a high school cheerleader that wants to go to Dallas Texas and become one of the cheerleaders for the Dallas Cowboys remains a great old Porno flick today just as it was when it was first released in the mid 1970’s, Bambi Woods has long since vanished and retired presumably under her real name and has gotten married and had children but her success as a porn star here will never be forgotten by me or by any male or female fans of hardcore porno and with good reason too.

Debbie is very obsessed with becoming a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys and is willing to do anything to achieve her goals to get what she wants and her friends are also equally willing to help her and make her dreams come true and have some kinky and sleazy fun themselves at the same time which is exactly what they all proceed to do.

They proceed to pimp themselves out to local men and high school students to raise money for Debbies trip and are very good to watch despite not being in many porn films before this, there are many good scenes including masturbation with a candle by one girl who has a threesome with two adults, an orgy in a locker room shower that is kinky and very messy, to girls performing their services for a man named Mr. Bradley which is very good and i love the way that he takes charge here and there are several other great scenes that any porn fans will love to watch.

The best scene however revolves around Debbie’s scene with Mr.Greenfield where he has agreed to pay for her entire trip and that of all of her other friends as well, he has Debbie dress up in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders uniform and proceeds to give her the wild ride of her young life which she enjoys throughly, i loved it.

Debbie Does Dallas is a great old fashioned Porn film that has good action and Gasp an actual storyline that it stays true to, Bambi Woods and her co-stars all look great here and the movie stands the test of time, i highly recommend renting or buying it, two thumbs up all the way.

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