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Joey Silvera – Easy Alice (1976)




Comment: NICK MILLARD AKA NICK PHILIPS is an underground exploitation auteur who’s been making flicks from the mid 60’s up until now. Most of them are fetish erotic/porn but he also made straight up horror flicks like the CRIMINALLY INSANE series. The two ones that you can find on this awesome AFTER HOURS Triple Feature presentation along the great EASY ALICE, WENDY’S NAUGHTY NIGHT and SIV : A SWEDISH GIRL, belong to the first category and if you’re a serious Sleaze Hound, you just MUST get them.

WENDY is about a depressed and bored rich girl who looses herself into a world of sex, money and drugs where feelings don’t mean a thing. Basically, what you get is a lot of graphic sex scenes : WENDY doing it with her “wanna be writer” gigolo lover or her maid or WENDY watching her family members having orgies and so on. The fetishism is always there, cream and dildos are being used for sexual purposes (obviously), leather boots are being licked…you know, fetish stuff. A lot of beautiful flesh and bodies are shown and indeed some scenes are very hot but overall it all feels sad. I won’t spoil the ending for you, just know that it is definitely not your everyday skin flick and that it will live a bitter taste in your mouth when you’ll be done with it.

The same goes for SIV, even though it is much much less graphic and the fetish aspect is almost nowhere to be found. This one is about an unsteady young couple who receives an exchanged student from Sweden nammed SIV. They usually use those foreign students as sex toys and that’s how it starts with this one. A first it’s all about free love, threesomes and lesbianism. But eventually, SIV unwillingly puts them further apart and it’s not long before all the characters loose their minds. Once again, the final scene is mind blowing and depressing, to say the least. Free love and drugs are not all good and NICK PHILIPS didn’t wait until the early 80s or later (that flick is from 1971) to show us that. Like in most NICK PHILLIPS flicks, most of the dialogues are the couple’s voices over : you just can’t run from their sickening thoughts.

Now let’s talk about EASY ALICE… If there was only one reason to watch it (there are actually plenty ), that would be to realize how great Porn was back in the 70’s and how lame and predictable it mostly is now. The plot is simple : it’s a day and a night in the life of JOEY a san francisco’s Porn king (the legendary JOEY SILVERA). We get to see him with his regular girlfriend CAROLE /ALICE (the lovely LINDA WONG, may she RIP) then during a shoot where he replaces an actor that went “too hard on the girl” (the awesome PAUL SCHARF). After he’s done, he hangs out with PAUL. They first talk about who the best performer is while smoking drugs in Paul’s flat(that scene alone is great), then go out, get drunk, get thrown out of a bar, and look for some girls. From there, it gets even more crazy. I won’t say too much but it involves rape and some swingers including a peeping husband. We also gets to see what ALICE is doing while she waits for JOEY to come back. She does drugs but first and foremost she gets into a threesome. Enough said… That flick is awesome, the actors give great performances both naked and with their clothes on, the characters are believable and the women are beautiful ( did I mention that ANNETTE HAVEN also has a part in it ?). On top of that the photography is gorgeous, we see the real 70’s SAN FRANCISCO with real crowd and real street shots. It feels real, it’s groovy, it’s EASY ALICE.

The bottom line is : those three movies are not to be missed. If you’re a true exploitation fanatic, they’re simply essential. The transfers also are more than OK. So thanks to NICK PHILIPS and to the nameless EASY ALICE director(s) for being such geniuses and thanks to AFTER HOURS for releasing such gems.

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