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Kama-Sutra – Les secrets de l’art amoureux (2005)



Kama Sutra – The Secrets of the Art of Love

The 50 Key Positions of the Kama Sutra in 3D

“The Kama Sutra, also called the Book of Love, comes to us from India and values a form of eroticism that leads to spiritual realization. It teaches that the goal of sexual union is not only pleasure, but also mutual evolution. Each successful union should aim for double ecstasy, with each partner trying to bring the other to orgasm as well as finding a way to reach orgasm for him or herself.

It also became noticeable as the film wore on that, although fifty positions are featured, there are a lot less than fifty ways to film them. The commentaries also ran into a similar problem. Individually, they were all very well done but, as the film progresses, it becomes increasingly apparent that there is a limit to the number of things you can say about any given position.

All of this makes it very much a film to dip in and out of rather than one to watch straight through. But, if you have a reasonably open-minded partner, this is also a film that could well inspire a whole weekend of fun.”

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