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Katharina und ihre wilden Hengste Teil 1&2 [1983] Klaus König


Catherine and Her Wild Stallions


Katharina und ihre wilden Hengste, Teil 1 – Katharina, die nackte Zarin

Director: Klaus König (Scott Hunt)
Producer: Alois Brummer
Cast: Sandra Nova, Angela Fellini, Sylvia Franke, Nadja Boyer, Jaqueline Roussel, Mara Soerensen, Eva-Maria Falk, Ina Reutter, Barbara Hoffmann, Latissa Miranova, Tatjana Tisserant, Frank Williams, Jean Paul Blondeau, Christian Beumer, Vladimir Tartakovski, Robert Wagner, Marion Schuberth, Klaus Falkenhausen, Charles de Kiswarth, Manfred Richter, Bernd Stephan, Heinz Moritz

Here is a period-piece depicting a legend. Yes: That legend. The one about Katherine the Great of Russia. I’m sure you’ve heard it. Even though it isn’t true. That didn’t halt those crazy [West] Germans from bringing it to the screen. In the tradition of European erotica (& U.S.A.-made “Drive-In” movies), there were different versions made for different situations. Most versions had explicit imagery. The purveyor from whom I obtained this version also offers a version with more blood and gore. I opted for the version with the most sex (Danish subtitles). {I believe the key phrase translates to, “The most direct erotic movie since Caligula”.} In 18th-Century Europe, empires were not solely sustained by blood being spilled. Quite frequently, another bodily fluid was involved. In this movie, we view such machinations. I guess that Sandra Nova is portraying Katharine the Great. None of these names sound familiar to me. I suspect that some are bad puns {“Ina Reutter”!?}. So I list them all. Nobody has reviewed this movie in any tome I have found. The production values of this movie are startling. The costuming, the cavalry, the horse riders: These had to cost big bucks. And equally important; our ladies in here are beautiful. It is one thing if they didn’t want to use their ‘mainstream’ acting names. We are the beneficiaries of them performing erotic scenes in here.
Essentially, we view a “slice-of-life” of the royals in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Although we may have heard that royals were absolutely sex-crazed back then, and constantly used their rank to cover their tracks, it is not often we get to see such livid depictions. The performers do a good job of staying in character, and when they are called upon to perform an explicit scene, they rise to the occasion. {They started with the bad puns.} /avmaniacs/

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