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Kemal Horulu – Lustful Feelings (1977)




Not too many fans of 70s adult films are fans of Kemal Horulu. True, his films tend not to pack the punch of those made the best directors of the period at issue, however, he made one adult film that is so well made that it can be seen as a paradigm for an engaging and stimulating adult film. LUSTFUL FEELINGS (aka FEELINGS) from 1977, features a compelling story, competent and stylish direction, an attractive, experienced cast, and a groovy soundtrack. It works on a dramatic level as well as being pretty erotic, and just a bit kinky… Unfortunately the widely available version cuts out most of the kink of course, as well as all allusions to cocaine which is a huge part of the story, rendering it more or less a series of sex scenes and bracketed by drama.

Tony (Jamie Gillis) is a cocaine dealer, but owes Mr. Canucci (Ras Kean) a bit of money, which he isn’t paying back fast enough. So Canucci suggests that Tony have his girlfriend Joanna (Leslie Bovee), do some modeling for a girlfriend of his named Claudette (Eva Henderson). Claudette tells Joanna that the real money is in fulfilling men’s fantasies. Joanna agrees to join her in servicing her next client (R. Bolla). Tony also has a sexual relationship with his next door neighbor, played by Zebedy Colt favorite, Nancy Dare. Their sex scenes have a nice musical accompaniment and are enjoyable. Jamie doesn’t pull out at the climax, which goes against convention and is refreshing.

Tony meets two of Canucci’s button men in central park, and the dudes tell him that if he doesn’t pay up soon something’s gonna happen to him. He delivers some blow to a couple of his customers (Terri Hall and Helen Madigan) and while he gets to see a free live show, they only give him some of the money, still owing him like $1500. The line “I got the coke, you got the money?” is manipulated in the cut version. In the uncut version additional footage shows Tony cutting up the coke at home.

Joanna starts to enjoy her work and her encounters become more frequent and kinky. A stylish S&M scene features her being dominated by a masked Herschel Savage who is credited as ‘Harvey’. Bobby Astyr is involved in the end. Eventually things get out of control, and both Tony and Joanna are in for some big trouble. I wont spoil the ending…

The dialog is great throughout: “How do you think I feel having my old lady be a jerk-off fantasy for a bunch of perverts?!!!” Way better than both VIRGIN AND THE LOVER and WOMEN IN LOVE, two films often regarded as Horulu’s best.

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