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La liceale seduce i professori AKA How to Seduce Your Teacher (1979)


The third in the “La licerale” series stars Gloria Guida in this Italian ex-comedy directed by Mariano Laurenti. Angela (Guida) enrolls in a new school where her uncle is the principal. Gloria soon begins seducing her history teacher while all of the schoolboys (and her uncle) are interested in her. Also stars Alvaro Vitali, Fabrizio Moroni, Lorraine De Selle, Donatella Damiani & Carlo Sposito.

Source: IMDB.com – lazarillo

This is the last of a series of Italian sex comedies where Gloria Guida portrayed an increasing long-in-the-tooth “liceale” or high school co-ed. This time her character, the ironically named “Angela”, is sent away to attend a school where her uncle (Lino Banfi) is principal. As usual she drives all the adolescent and adult males (including blood relatives) into paroxysms of lust before eventually setting her sights on her handsome history teacher. While sex between teachers and under-age students is not quite the hilarious knee-slapper today that it once was, it should be said the Guida never was believable as an actual “liceale” when she started this series four years earlier and she certainly wasn’t here when she was pushing 25. The real problem with this movie is that there aren’t nearly enough scenes of Guida showering, stripping, etc., and WAY too many scenes of unfunny funny-men Lino Banfi and Alvaro Vitali (who co-starred with GG in all these films) cross-dressing or sitting on the toilet. At least here, they finally gave up trying to pass the practically middle-age Vitali off as a student and made him a music teacher instead (although why any school would hire this incompetent and annoying idiot to teach anything really beggars belief).

Lorraine DeSalle also shows up here in an early role. She would go to become a minor cult celebrity after appearing in some of the more appalling Italian cannibal and WIP films directed by the likes of Umberto Lenzi and Bruno Mattei. This is probably her best film (and she has even more nude scenes than Guida), but don’t necessarily take that as a recommendation.

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