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Eleven as good as a 10" but does so much more

La Morte Vivante (1982)



AKA The Living Dead Girl

THE LIVING DEAD GIRL was made at the time when bloody slasher films and ultraviolent zombie flicks we were in fashion and director Jean Rollin served up a very bloody movie, highlighted by gory SPFX courtesy of Benoit Lestang. Despite the intense bloodletting, Rollin manages to tell a tragic and compelling tale about the unusual friendship between two girls, who share a love for each other that goes beyond the grave.

Catherine Valmont (Françoise Blanchard), recently deceased, is resurrected when a strange chemical substance spilled into her tomb. She tries to track down her past life and discovers a huge castle, inhabited only by her mourning childhood friend Barbara (Marina Pierro). The two are happily reunited, and when it turns out that Catherine can only survive by drinking blood, Barbara gladly helps out by supplying human victims. But when Catherine becomes disgusted by her own lust for blood, things are bound to go terribly wrong.

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