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Le deportate della sezione speciale SS (1976) Rino Di Silvestro


AKA Deported Women of the SS Special Section

About the daily ins and outs of life in a Nazi women’s prison. The women get to the camp and are given the usual medical tests to make sure they’re healthy enough for torture. There is a long shaving sequence in which pubic hair goes under the razor. The commander of the camp becomes infatuated with one of the prisoners. He wants her to love him. He goes through various romantic wooing ideas, (humiliation, solitary confinement), until she decides to leave a present in her vagina for him in the climax.

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DEPORTED WOMEN OF THE SS: SPECIAL SECTION: AKA DEPORTATE DELLA SEZIONE SPECIALE SS. One of two Nazi Sexploitation movies starring John Steiner (the creepy looking guy that played Longinus in CALIGULA), proving Steiner really loved his work in the genre. Steiner tries to convince one of his prisoners to fall in love with him through humiliation and exposure to hellish tortures. The usual rape, lesbianism, and shaving scenes we come to expect from the il sadiconazista cycle… saved by Steiner’s over-the-top performance. DEPORTED WOMEN OF THE SS: SPECIAL SECTION was the film that introduced the razor-blade-up-the-vagina defense for anticipated rape.

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