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Le jouisseur (1975)


What a strange piece of film. Part of Franco’s short-lived collaboration with french producer Robert de Nesle, the Comptoir Français du Film’s boss, this comedic gem is about a bored count who likes to hunt down pretty women, disguised as a servant. A lot of misadventures happen to him, and the one-liners fall like a golden rain, revealing once more how much Jesus Franco is a talented dialoguist. Olivier Mathot plays a moustached bandit, and Lina Romay is, as always, the seductress. Lots of weird situations, dumb softcore sex scenes, and no particular linear narrative line. Fred Williams is the perfect gentleman here, being “L’Homme le Plus Sexy du Monde” (the world’s sexiest man) with a certain class. If you usually don’t like Franco and his disturbing subjects, here comes the light touch he can also put in his comedies, because this one’s hard not to like.

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