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Le journal érotique d’une Thailandaise (1980)

  • Orjinal İsim: Le journal érotique d'une Thailandaise
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  • IMDB Puanı: /10
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  • Filmin Türü: Erotic Retro Vintage
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An Erotic Journal Of A Lady From Thailand AKA Emanuele 3 [1980]
Massagesalon Blutjunger Madchen [Germany]
Le journal érotique d’une Thailandaise [France]
Emanuele 3 [US-dubbed version]
An Erotic Journal of a Lady from Thailand [UK]
Carnal Times in Thailand [UK]
Clitò petalo del sesso [Italy]
Emmanuelle – Im Teufelskreis der Leidenschaft [West Germany]
Porno bordella [Italy]
Super porno bordella [Italy]

As well as turning out masses of films starring Clones of Bruce Lee, producer Dick Randall wasn’t averse to producing Clones of Emmanuelle from time to time either. Obviously noting that the third official Emmanuelle film is in fact called Goodbye, Emmanuelle rather than Emmanuelle 3, Dick seems to have jumped at the opportunity to confuse the masses and hi-jack the series by producing his own bootleg Emmanuelle 3. It obviously didn’t matter to Dick that his version of Emmanuelle 3 made in 1980 under a title that roughly translates as ‘Erotic Journal of Thailand’, doesn’t even have an Emmanuelle character in it. The swiftly re-titled Emmanuelle 3 was sold by his Spectacular Trading Company at the 1981 Cannes Film Festival, an event briefly captured on film in the Joe Spinell/Caroline Munro vehicle ‘The Last Horror Film’. Just to confuse matters further the real Emmanuelle 3, Goodbye Emmanuelle is now more commonly known on DVD as Emmanuelle 3 forcing the current distributor of Randall’s pseudo-Emmanuelle 3 to re-title the film ‘Emanuele 3′ What a tangled web these film people often weave.

After an abortive attempt to reconcile with his ex-wife at a swingers’ party, a world famous photographer (director/writer/star Jean-Marie Pallardy) is more than ready for a break abroad. The opportunity arises when his boss sends him off on a fashion shoot assignment to Thailand in the company of two models (Francette Maillol and Brigitte Lahaie) who are soon all over him like a rash. He’s strangely cold to the advances of the stunning Lahaie, leaving her to entertain herself by making dirty phone-calls to her walrus moustached neighbour who bellows ‘can’t you speak louder….I don’t know who it is’ down the phone and receives a good slap from his wife when she listens in on Brigitte’s saucy phone-call. In the company of a sleazy Thai host Jean-Marie passes the time cruising Thailand fleshpots where he catches sight of, and becomes obsessed by, a Thai prostitute (who the DVD box claims is called Emmanuelle but is actually named Clito in the film). In all honestly though Emanuele 3 is virtually plot less, which is just as well considering what plot there is doesn’t make much sense. A last minute revelation has it that the photographer is also a top-secret agent, there are references to ‘the Russians’, two men being kidnapped in Thailand (‘one was very big, and the other was very small’ notes Clito) and sinister Texans grilling Thai prostitutes for information, incidents that are never properly explained or resolved creating a disorienting effect for the audience of having them doubt they’ve been paying enough attention to the plot. Maybe something other than the clearly originally hardcore sex scenes was lost to the cutting room floor; the film does bear all the traces of being edited with an axe. Then again there’s little evidence to suggest the film was anything other than an excuse for the director to indulge in some sex tourism, photographing and having erotic encounters with a succession of beautiful French and Thai actresses, working a free and far flung holiday to Thailand into the bargain and presenting an image of himself as an aged, French smoothie. In fairness he delivers a film that may be empty-headed and meaningless but is never dull, delivering a regular flow of good sex scenes and exotic locations. Jean-Marie also throws in some freakish, Mondo-style interludes like a stripper running lit candles over her body and a monkey in drag chain smoking, two attractions unlikely to make it into most Thai tourist brochures. Look out for Dick Randall’s own swingin’ cameo as a roly-poly businessman partying with a bunch of topless Thai prostitutes, an experience that leaves him unable to stand-up straight, forcing Mr. Spectacular Trading to exit the film by crawling up a flight of stairs. Presumably the models’ giggling references to ‘Richard the Producer’ who as Jean-Marie angrily notes ‘just wants to get in your pants’ was also someone’s idea of an in-joke.

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