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Le sexe qui parle (1975) Claude Mulot


AKA Pussy Talk

One of the most famous and controversial French porno films ever made. This film from director Frederic Lansac tells the incredible story of a gorgeous young woman who discovers that her vagina has developed a life and a voice of its own. Unable to control her lower half, she finds herself forced to embark on a quest for the ultimate orgasm, and maybe, a cure for her strange problem.

Grand Prize winner at the first (and only) International Porn Film Festival in Paris, August 1975, it’s a nostalgic reminder of what Euro porn could have been if it weren’t for upcoming stringent government interference which effectively nipped the genre in the bud by placing tremendous taxes on production, distribution and display of graphic erotica, sentencing these (initially ambitious) movies to the ghetto of backstreet theaters and restricted budgets.

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