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Les emmerdeuses (1976)


This is a Jess Franco ‘red lips’ espionage film shot back-to-back alongside a series of sex comedies produced by Robert de Nesle. This one is WEIRD, like a cheese-induced fever dream. We get two spies, Pina and Tina, who take turns disguising as the Golden Panther, a notorious detective/jewel thief. They work alongside the agents of Interpol to acquire diamonds from the villainous Mr. Radeck. They meet various weird characters (including Monica Swinn wearing a strap-on) and get into plenty of bizarre situations. There are exotic locations, ‘cat & canary’ stripteases, diamonds hidden in dildos (and more, um, intimate places), backstabbing and I shit you not, the Monster of fucking Duranstein!

This film has no pretenses of having intellect and it relishes in that fact. The actors are clearly having a ball with the material and even the (probably drunk) dubbers can barely contain their laughter. The cast is primarily made up of actors from Franco’s sex comedies Le jouisseur and Les chatouilleuses (minus Fred Williams). Pamela Stanford wears her unforgettable wig from Lorna the Exorcist. The music is recycled from André Bénichou’s psychedelic score for Le miroir obscène, the erotic re-edit of Al otro lado del espejo. Has to be seen to be believed!

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