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Ilsa the Tigress of Siberia (1977)

Les gardiennes du pénitencier (1979)

Les gardiennes du pénitencier

Some time after the end of WWII an escaped Nazi General is now in charge of a South American prison (all women of course). A couple of agents are dispatched to locate and kill him. Endless prison scenes of the women being mildly abused and lots of unnaturally jolly chatting ensue. There’s also a vague, unclear attempt at a prison break.
Truly unwatchable incomprehensible rubbish. Again footage from Elsa Fraulein SS, Helga She Wolf Of Stilberg and Special Train For Hitler is apparent, however this is mainly a re-edit of Franco’s own Barbed Wire Dolls with very minimal new footage shot, probably from a Eurocine film that was aborted near the beginning of it’s production.

AKA Jailhouse Wardress

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