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Librianna, Bitch of the Black Sea (1981)








X-Rated Adult Movie Poster

An endless (and bogus) opening crawl claims this garbage was filmed secretly in the Soviet Union (“near the Arctic”) at great peril, to represent the opposition to the government and a burgeoning but surreptitious local porn industry. This is all fake nonsense, as a poorly made U.S. porn film plays “let’s pretend”.
The anti-Communist rhetoric here is amusing in retrospect, just like those jingoistic WW II propaganda films have a comical postscript. Since the cheap-jack filmmakers throw in endless amounts of stock footage and second unit shots of the hero Scott wandering aimlessly around Moscow, I was even more titillated by the anti-American propaganda preserved here: military parades with banners and floats littered with dollar signs and caricatures of America’s supposedly militaristic regime.
A busty but not very pretty actress plays Librianna, palmed off as the leader of Russia’s sexual liberation. Our stalwart (and dull) hero Scott is sent from Seattle by his boss to interview her, but he ends up shtupping her instead.
Format is a license to kill, as it’s supposedly Russian-track dubbed into English yet with mostly voice-over narration by “Scott”. Woody Allen’s WHAT’S UP TIGER, LILY? approach is much funnier, and the result here is just another incompetent MOS shoot, deadly dull. The sex is boring too, with the hero’s sizable cock put to work over & over.
Residual value is merely as a tepid Cold War artifact and a strictly mediocre example of ’70s porn gone wrong. The roadshow hucksterism of a century ago that morphed into the porno industry is alive in these fake but transparently so efforts to defraud a gullible public in “wink, wink” fashion.

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